7 Secrets No One Has Told You About THC Vape

Though the Farm Bill passed in 2018, we still have a long way to go before cannabis gets accepted. Many studies and research works have found evidence to support its beneficial properties.

But products like THC vape seem daunting to some users due to the taboo around them. Nevertheless, avid users love using them and enjoying all their merits. So read ahead to find some unknown facts about THC vapes.

What Is THC Vapes?

THC is also called tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound in cannabis plants. Out of the many components, this one is responsible for providing a psychoactive effect on users. It can also help with pain, depression, nausea, etc. Recently, more studies emerged- proving the usefulness of THC and cannabis products.

Hence, the market has seen substantial growth in cannabis products, especially since 2018. And one of the best-selling products responsible for bringing newer users has been THC vapes. Since it is so convenient, affordable, and efficient, people can’t help but like it.

Vaping might even be the most efficient way to consume THC for now. Moreover, the manufacturers have made many types and flavors of vapes to fit everyone’s preferences. So, you can find something that you like in their collection.

What Most People Don’t Know About THC Vapes

Even after so many discoveries regarding cannabis and its benefits, THC is unknown. Most people still connect cannabis with its psychoactive uses in the later 20th century. But now, its applications have a different and better meaning.

So here are some things you may not have known about THC vapes:

  1. They Are the Most Potent THC Product on The Market

We have already found that vaping is perhaps the most effective way of taking cannabis. But let us break down the logic behind that before we proceed. While ingesting another THC product, like gummies, they go through your digestive system first. Then, it gets absorbed into your blood after a while.

But when you vape THC, it goes from your mouth straight into your lungs. From there, it travels to your blood and beyond. The difference is that the latter process finishes in 30-60 minutes. And due to the direct transfer, it would also make the THC stronger in your body.

  • They Are More Affordable Than You May Think

When people hear about vapes, they often think that it is an expensive product. Since it is a small machine designed cleverly to deliver products, it must be pricey. Fortunately, it is wrong as vape pens are more affordable than you think.

Especially if you are going for disposable vapes, they will cost you about the same amount as a pack of gummies. And it does not mean that they are only cheap while buying- they are cost-effective too. They will give you almost the same amount of uses as the pack of gummies.

  • They Don’t Have to Be Bitter

Cannabis may be beneficial, but its flavor profile is not something it can boast. Most cannabis products taste quite bitter and have a weird aftertaste. It is a huge reason why people avoid using products like THC vapes.

But THC vapes do not have to be a bad experience for your taste buds. You can go for products with natural flavoring to improve their taste. At the same time, you can ensure that they are safe to use.

  • They Can Curb Addictive Cravings

You may relate THC vape pens to addiction, but the connection is different than most people think. If used appropriately, cannabis vape pens may curb cravings for things like cigarettes. Some preliminary evidence also displayed that it could fight addiction when needed.

You can use vape pens as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They would not harm your health and still feel close enough to smoking. However, dosing is crucial in this process, as an overdose can have the opposite effect.

  • They Are More Suitable for Experienced Users

Though this is not entirely true for every vape, vaping gets preferred by more experienced users. The vaped THC is much more intense and lasting- so the effects may be too polarizing for new users.

So, people who already have experience with joints or vapes previously prefer it. And some vape juices and products may even be too intense for beginners. Hence, you can start with a mild vape before you move on to the more potent ones.

  • They Are Discreet and Private

Vaping often gets associated with huge vapor clouds and showmanship. And while one type of vape has that effect, not all of them do. So, there are THC vapes that are discreet enough to use safely.

The clouds formed by such vapes dissipate almost immediately into the air. And they do not have a lingering smell that displays their usage. So, you can use it without drawing too much attention to yourself. However, it is best to use your vape products in a private area to be safe.

  • They Are Safer, But Not the Safest

The word ‘safe’ gets used with THC vapes, but how safe are they? They are indeed better than traditional ways like smoking cigarettes or joints. They do not have the same smoke entering the lungs.

So, the water vapor in them does not damage our bodies like the smoke. Moreover, the main ingredient in THC vapes is safe when used in appropriate amounts. But you cannot say the same for nicotine in traditional cigarettes. And even though THC vapes are safer than many other products, they still pose a health risk due to artificial flavorings and overdosing.


Knowing more about THC and cannabis, in general, can help us get familiar with what we will use. Since not much information is available, we must do our best to find that ourselves. With the help of online guides, you can understand how these vapes work and how to buy them. We hope our article has been helpful to you and given you plenty of relevant information to understand THC vapes.