Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88 – Treasure Hidden Deep in the New Land

If you are a person who both likes to explore the experience and like slot games, then Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88 is the ideal game for you. In today’s online betting market, slot games are becoming more and more popular and preferred. Powered by Fun88, the leading reputable bookmaker, Da Vinci’s Treasure will not disappoint players with exciting experiences. Let’s discover the treasure hidden deep in the new land with Fun88 through this article about slot games.

The difference between the slot game Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88

With a variety of topics from the slot games that Fun88 brings. In Da Vinci’s Treasure, you will experience the feeling of exploring new lands to search for precious treasures. With an exciting adventure style, players will try to immerse themselves in this mysterious adventure.

The second notable difference that this game brings is the design of sound and quite new visuals. A bustling and exciting music background, contributes to the feeling of excitement, motivating players to immediately participate in this game.

Besides, Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88 also impresses players with the possibility of winning up to 48,000 times the original bet.

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Betting Rules in Da Vinci’s Treasure at Fun88

For Fun88, Da Vinci’s Treasure, you need to learn the game’s betting rules before placing a bet. Because the game is different from other slot games. Specifically, the betting rules are as follows:

  • Bet x2: Choose 1 of 2 objects, 1 win doubles the bet amount, 1 loser the whole bet amount
  • Bet x3: Choose 1 out of 3 objects, 1 win multiplies the bet amount, 2 losers the whole bet amount
  • Bet x4: Choose 1 out of 4 objects, 1 win multiplies the bet amount, 3 losers the whole bet amount
  • Bet x5: Choose 1 out of 3 objects, 1 win multiplies the bet amount, 4 losers the whole bet amount

The game with random rewards in Da Vinvis Treasure

In the game Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88, you will encounter many new game icons. These symbols will appear on any of the 5 reels and form different winning combinations. Some bonus games you need to grasp are as follows:

Tracing the map Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88

With this game called “Map Tracing”. It consists of 23 points and a wheel of fortune. Each point represents a potential monetary prize. You will play by spinning the wheel of destiny. Thereby, you will be taken to different points on the map. There are 6 parts to the wheel of fortune: Steps 1,2,3,4,5 and game over.

The round starts with the first point on the map. When you click anywhere on the wheel of fortune, you will be promoted to points. The round will end if you hit the “game over” box. Or if you hit 23 points on the map, you are awarded a prize related to the last point reached on the map.

Free spins with a progressive multiplier

When you get free spins with a progressive multiplier. The spins will start immediately and you will be given 12 free spins. The initial multiplier of the spin is x1. After each round of free play, the multiplier increases by 1x. Winnings of free spins will be received by multiplying the spins made. When you land 3 bonus symbols on reel 2,3,4 during this free spin it gives you 12 extra free spins. The number of free spins you get can be up to 60.

Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88 Award Picker

In this bonus game called the prize picker, the player gets to choose 1 out of 3 items. Rewards will be revealed once you’ve made your selections.

Review slot game Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88

After learning about the game, we will also give you some player reviews of Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88. Specifically, most of the comments are positive about this game. The comments collected about Da Vinci’s Treasure are as follows:

The game creates a sense of excitement for players, not boring. There are many new and different experiences compared to other slot games. Create convenience and bring more incentives for players. In terms of interface design, the image is beautiful and clear, and the sound is vivid. Especially during smooth participation, with no lag or discomfort.

In short, it can be said that this is a highly-rated slot game that scores well in the eyes of most players at Fun88.

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FAQs about playing the Da Vinci’s Treasure slot game at Fun88

Q:  Is Da Vinci’s Treasure at Fun88 free to play?

A: Yes, you can play Da Vinci’s Treasure slot game for free on Fun88.

Q: What types of bets are available when playing Da Vinci’s Treasure?

A: You can place a bet of x2, x3, x4, and x5 in the Da Vinci’s Treasure game.

Q: Does the game offer any bonus features?

A: Yes, there are several bonus features including Tracing the Map, Free Spins with Progressive Multiplier, and Prize Picker.

Q: Are there any special offers for playing this game?

A: Yes, there may be special offers such as bonuses, free spins, and other rewards. Be sure to check Fun88’s promotions page for any offers related to Da Vinci’s Treasure.


Hopefully, the most objective reviews of Da Vinci’s Treasure Fun88 slot game will help you better understand this game. If you want to experience this slot game, just visit the Fun88 homepage and type Da Vinci’s Treasure in the search box. This promises to be a very enjoyable experience for you.