How to Tackle The Biggest Issues Faced by Most Recruiters

One of India’s top cities for the IT industry is Chennai. This level of excellence has been sustained for years largely due to the competent workforce and technical assistance the local businesses offer. Chennai’s employment agencies are making a significant contribution to this.

A placement consultancy in Chennai can offer the best set of people to companies that want to hire the most talented employees. However, candidates often take advantage of every trick in their book to secure an interview or crack it. It is not always easy for recruiters to notice these tricks!

That is when a placement consultancy comes into the scene. They can do all the background checks and all the necessary document checks so that the company recruiters save time and effort. Not just that, they can easily identify the tricks used by job seekers because of their considerable experience.

The most common tricks that many job seekers try to use are questionable recommendations, fake credentials, and over-enthusiastic recommendations.

  • Questionable Referrals from unverifiable sources: Referrals are asked by the recruiters to build up trust in the candidate. In most cases, they will not reach out to the referees to get a suggestion about the candidate. But using this point, some people produce fake referees. For example, adding their friend’s name as their previous employer or teacher.
  • Referrals from friends and family: Friends and family often make poor choices when recommending prospective employees based on whom they know rather than what skillsets they possess as employees! In addition, some people might want their friend’s or family member’s help securing employment opportunities because this could mean less competition for themselves when it comes down to getting hired by any given firm (or employer).

Fake Documents:

One of the most common tricks candidates use to cheat recruiters is using fake documents. Candidates are often asked to submit their resumes on paper instead of submitting them electronically. This allows them to alter their resume and make it look more perfect than it is.

Applicants trying to game the system:

As a recruiter, you’ve probably encountered applicants who have tried to game the system. These job seekers may have been given an interview that didn’t go as planned and are now trying to get another chance at landing a great position by making their next application appear more impressive than it is.

Pen names:

Another way candidates can cheat the recruiter is by using a pen name or a fake email account they create online. These methods help them get through the interview process without raising suspicion from recruiters.

For example, suppose a candidate creates a fake email account and sends out emails to the recruiter telling them to contact another person in charge of hiring decisions. In that case, they can avoid being questioned about their identity and ask questions about the position.

The recruiter will think that this person is just an employee who knows nothing about the job and will not suspect anything wrong until after they have been hired. An efficient placement consultancy can handle all these problems in Chennai as they are highly effective in filtering the candidates based on their true information and skills.

Hiring their services can save a lot of time for the business. Also, the filtration and selection process can help find suitable candidates with the right skill, and the companies won’t have to spend time training the candidates after hiring.