Visiting Shillong in Winter? 6 things you shouldn’t miss!

Shillong is a breathtaking city with beautiful waterfalls, mysterious cloud cover, and scenic mountains. Hotels in Shillong complement the kaleidoscope of beauty in Meghalaya and further elevate the holiday experience to something extraordinary.

Travelers searching for a unique and genuine vacation experience, more so during the cold winter months, are paying attention to the Northeastern states of India more and more. Visitors benefit from visiting a verdant hill station and lodging in some of Shillong’s top hotels and resorts, which contribute significantly to an excellent vacation.

Here are some of the wonderful things you should do in the winter in Shillong, which is also the most popular time of year for visitors to experience this beauty.

1. Begin Your Journey By Taking In The Splendor Of Elephant Falls

This magnificent waterfall, which is around 12 kilometers from Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong, earned the nickname from a neighbouring rock that resembles an elephant quite a bit. Three distinct cascades running downstream while brushing against the rocks is a sight to see, and their breathtaking beauty will undoubtedly calm your spirit. Elephant waterfalls is one of the most popular waterfalls around Shillong, which is also a great place for residents to have picnics.

2. Admire The Sweeping Views From Shillong Peak

Due to the persistent fog, not everyone is fortunate enough to experience the picturesque view from Shillong Peak. However, going in the winter will allow you to see mostly clear skies. Take advantage of the telescope that is there to obtain a bird’s eye view over the entirety of Shillong, as well as the Himalayas, some of Bangladesh’s scenery, and a variety of waterfalls, valleys, and lush meadows. The major benefit of this peak is that it has a flat road, and its semi-circular shape makes it ideal for a quick walk.

Try to organise your day so that you arrive at this location shortly before sunset, which is the finest time to visit.

3. Enjoy Laitlum Canyons’ Amazing Splendour

One of the best ways to discover the places in and around Shillong is by trekking through the lush terrain and streams. Tourists may enjoy an exciting experience on the short walk to the Laitlum Canyons, and once they see the breathtaking views of the valley on all sides, they will feel like they are on cloud nine.

Even though it is always shrouded in a heavy layer of fog for the most of the year, there are certain times during the winter when the sky is clear. You can walk down to the adjacent village to learn more about their way of life.

You might also choose to relax on the lush grass and take in the amazing views of the valleys, the streams that meander through the canyons, and the fluffy clouds that take up a large section of the sky.

4. Give Yourself A Self-Treatment Of Shnongpdeng’s Adventurous Activities

If you love adventures, don’t miss this interesting location along the Umngot river. Even though there are plenty of activities for recreation in this area, it is still relatively unexplored. One of the main causes of its popularity is that the Umngot river enters Bangladesh from Shnongpdeng. However, due to the numerous exciting chances it presents, it is often referred to as Meghalaya’s sports capital. You will be overjoyed to discover the methods by which you may uplift your soul here, from cliff leaping to kayaking or paddle-boating across the exquisite river to scuba diving, snorkeling, and so on.

5. Do Not Miss Taking A Walk Around Umden Village

Meghalaya is dotted with little, charming towns in every crevice of its slopes covered in thick, green forests. One such area is the Umden hamlet, situated in the Ri Bhoi district and widely renowned for producing Eri Silk. Wander the town and take in the fascinating process of making silk.

The entire process is really interesting to learn about, from the many phases of silkworm cultivation through the weaving process, which is often carried out by the village women using traditional methods.

A sub-community of the Khasi tribal people known as the Ri Bhoi group resides in Umden hamlet, which has a rich cultural heritage. If you’re interested in learning more about the area’s past, strike up a discussion with any of the elderly locals, and you’ll be amazed when you hear the stories and legends of their town. You should try some of the local cuisines as you will enjoy its great, distinctive flavour for a long time. Umden is also the location of bamboo woods, strawberry farms, and Eri silk manufacturing.

6. Visit Asia’s Cleanest Village

Mawlynnong, also known as “God’s own Garden,” is well-known worldwide for being named the “Cleanest Village in Asia” by Discovery India. In addition to abundant natural beauty and pleasant weather throughout the year, the living root bridges—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—are another attraction that significantly impacts tourism.

The Mawlynnong Village is unique in its own way and frequently gives the impression of existing in an entirely distinct universe. The greatest thing about this area is that every single household in the community places such a high value on cleanliness that they not only keep their houses spotless but also sweep the streets and dispose of trash in special bamboo trash cans that are later used for composting manures and fertilizers.

What To Wear In Winter In Shillong?

Bomber winter wear jackets would be the finest choice for you if you’re not used to living in areas where the temperature drops below zero. The forms of winter clothing that offer the most insulation are puffer coats and parkas. The traditional piece of winter clothing, the sweater, is always a good choice. The modern jumper or sweater is a pullover or hoodie. These classics will keep you cozy and toasty.

Shillong, Meghalaya’s capital, is an experience of solitude that would keep a traveler’s mind twirling in a vivacious dance. Shillong is the perfect combination of ancient charm and new energy. Shillong is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, so much so that you won’t remember to close the camera’s shutters.

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