What Tips Should You Know As A Beginner To Bongs For Weed

The legal use of weed for both medicinal and recreational purposes is broadening, allowing users to evolve their methodology for using cannabis. While many consume edibles as their favored choice but for a vast audience, smoking is the premium option. 

With this delivery, consumers can access bowls, joints, and vapes. Still, the iconic bongs typically stand supreme when push comes to shove—anyone who chooses to smoke as their cannabis consumption preference recognizes the tool from classic tv and movies. 

Also referenced as a water pipe, the material is usually glass, but there are also ceramic, acrylic, and silicone models. The parts include a detachable small bowl, the area for the weed, attached to the water chamber that leads to the cylinder where you inhale the smoke.

While bongs are a favorite for smokers of weed, new users could find them somewhat intimidating. Consider a few tips and some helpful hints meant to guide you through your first experience using a bong as seamlessly as possible. By following this advice, you may enjoy “smooth clouds” with your bong hits.

What Tips Should You Know As A Beginner To Bongs For Weed

The bong method is a favored consumption for most users who prefer to smoke their weed. Some people wait to add a bong until they’ve decided cannabis is a right fit for them. In some cases, beginners can be a little intimidated by the device. 

Go to https://www.wikihow.com/Smoke-from-a-Bong for guidance on smoking from a bomb.

Once you become accustomed, however, seasoned users will advocate for a significant improvement to their smoking experience by adding the tool. The weed can get to the bloodstream instantly with an immediate response. 

At the same time, your lungs are protected by the bong’s capacity to “filter, moisturize and cool the smoke.” Follow these suggestions if you’re considering a bong but slightly hesitate.

  • The “borosilicate” glass is a preferred option for bongs

Borosilicate glass can tolerate heat stress better than other options due to its heat-resistant special glass. Many kitchens and laboratories incorporate it worldwide. It’s also preferred for the high-quality water pipes sold in today’s market. It has a higher price point than a softer version of glass.

When investing in better quality material, you usually get a return on the investment in durability, performance, and longevity; plus, these look phenomenal. If you’ll be a user for an extended period and want a premium source, the borosilicate glass is the answer. Go to this link to learn the parts of a bong.

  • The right amount of water will provide the ideal hit

As a beginner, one of the hallmarks of the perfect hit is knowing how to incorporate a suitable quantity of water in the bong. It might sound easy and obvious, but you must pay attention to ensure your technique is on point. The water should reach the “downstem hole,” and then you’ll let some out.

Replace the downstem and inhale slowly with the mouthpiece continuing to build the strength. If water begins to splash, release just a bit more from the bong. As a rule, the greater the level of water in the pipe, the greater the “chug” and, of course, vice versa.

  • Smoking from the bong means using ice and cold water

The burning herbs can produce heat as great as “900C”. The goal is to cool this as rapidly as you can before it hits the lungs. The priority is to use cold water in the bong, even adding ice. 

There are some water pipes designed for use with bongs. An important factor is to remember once the ice melts, the water level in the bong will rise.

  • In that same vein . . .

On the other end of that spectrum, vapor from vaping is a cooler response than smoking from herbs burning in a bowl. That relieves the worry of cooling the vapor before it travels to the lungs. In some instances, users prefer to use warm water when vaping instead of smoking.

The suggestion is that the warm water is less likely to create condensation, causing it to adhere to the bong walls instead of working its way to your lungs. It also keeps the dry vapor moist, an added advantage for your throat.

  • Cleanliness is vital when using a bong

It’s essential to change the water in the bowl after every session. A fresh bowl makes the bong function better, and it looks better regardless if you’re using it for routine vapes or smoking. 

You want to leave the device empty and clean when it’s not in use to avoid the potential for mold and bacteria growth. No one wants that in their lungs. When cleaning the bong, you can use a solution found on the market specifically for that purpose or a blend of alcohol and salt.

  • The right type of bowl will make the experience 

Bowls are available in varied sizes with optimization for specific purposes. The priority is to consider what you’ll use the bong for, whether a concentrate or a bud and if you want to use a session sort of option or will be taking it in one stride. Using a bowl suited for one purpose to satisfy another use won’t cut it. 

It’s more conducive for your best experience to select the bowl that will meet your needs or choose an option that’s fitted with a couple of options so you can pick and choose how you roll.

Final Thought

One bonus tip as a newbie to the bong experience is to consider the chemicals in tap water when filling your bong. Some include “calcium, chlorine, and other minerals,” with the likelihood of staining the glass. 

In order to avoid inhaling these chemicals while also shielding the glass from sediment, use mineral water over the tap. Again, this is another small investment that you might need to make but worth the price overall to avoid an influx of chemicals, something most people find to be a good practice.